My Hike-In Fly Fishing Gear List

My Hike-In Fly Fishing Gear List

This article is all about My Hike-In Fly Fishing Gear List for a short DAY trip. And what just so happens to be two of my favorite activities to do in life? Well, one is fly fishing. And the other is hiking, of course. So why not combine these two activities by doing both at … Read more

Fly Fishing Tiny Flies On The South Holston

Fly Fish Rainbow Trout on Soho

So I’ve been fly fishing tiny flies on the South Holston River in Tennessee a lot lately. Why? Well, that’s what’s been hatching most of the time. Tiny midges. And yes, I’ve been catching lots of trout. A few bigger ones, too. Incidentally, I’ve been doing well enough that some of the other fly fishermen … Read more

How to Get Started Fly Fishing: Living the Dream

First brook trout on fly rod

Want to get started fly fishing? You’re not alone. A few friends and acquaintances have asked me to take them fly fishing for trout over the years. Mind you, these are folks with no fly fishing experience. None. Nada. And probably no experience with the spin rod, either. I didn’t know what to say in … Read more