Fly Fishing Bradley Fork

Fly Fishing Bradley Fork Feature Picture

Fly Fishing Bradley Fork in GSMNP. This was my most recent Fall fly fishing camping destination. I had good reasons for going there, too. For starters, the weather forecast was looking warm and sunny for at least one week. Moreover, the Smokies had just received a good amount of rain at the start of Fall, … Read more

Backcountry Fly Fishing On The Other Side

Backcountry fly fishing on the other side art.

Backcountry Fly Fishing On The Other Side is based on true events… My confession. If the truth be told. See. I had the most earth-shattering backcountry fly fishing trip, ever. Years ago. One that will never be topped. Not in this life. And it was just as the trip was starting. That’s when it hit … Read more

Surviving A Close Encounter With A Bear

Surviving A Close Encounter With A Bear

This article is all about what you should do if you ever have a close encounter with a bear in the great outdoors. And more specifically, what you can do to stay alive in that situation. That said, I’m no bear expert. But I’ve had LOTS of close encounters with black bears in my life. … Read more

Fly Fishing Tiny Flies On The South Holston

Fly Fish Rainbow Trout on Soho

So I’ve been fly fishing tiny flies on the South Holston River in Tennessee a lot lately. Why? Well, that’s what’s been hatching most of the time. Tiny midges. And yes, I’ve been catching lots of trout. A few bigger ones, too. Incidentally, I’ve been doing well enough that some of the other fly fishermen … Read more

Fly Fish the South Holston River: Is it Worth a Visit?

17-inch wild brown trout landed on the South Holston River.

Are you thinking about traveling to the South Holston River in Northeast Tennessee to fly fish for a couple of days. Maybe even a week? Maybe you need a break from the oppressive summer heat in Florida, Georgia, or South Carolina. Or perhaps, you’re from up North in Pennsylvania, New York, or even New Hampshire … Read more

Fly Fishing Laurel Creek: Tennessee’s Least Fished Creek

Stream-bred rainbow trout

Ever heard of Northeast Tennessee’s Laurel Creek? Ever fly fished Laurel Creek? I bet you haven’t. That’s cause it’s one of Tennessee’s least fished creeks. And for good reason. First reason is, almost all of it is closely paralleled by a busy road, TN 91. So you’re GOING to HEAR and see some HEAVY TRUCKS … Read more

Doe River Fishing: Doe River Fishing Trail

So the biggest pleasant surprise that I’ve had fly fishing in Northeast Tennessee is the Doe River. And getting to know the newly established Doe River Fishing Trail (DRiFT). Now I’d read about the Doe River being one of the best freestone streams in all of Tennessee. And how there’s a surprising number of wild … Read more