Relocate To Retire Early, Cut Costs, And Go Fishing

Packing up to relocate.

Not too long ago, conservative commentator, Ben Shapiro, announced that he was leaving California and moving his business to Nashville, Tennessee. And why did he do that? Certainly not for the same reason that I left Virginia 3 years ago when I also made my move to the Volunteer State. What? You didn’t know? Didn’t … Read more

How Not To Get Bored In Early Retirement

Roan mountain hike in early retirement.

So do you want to know how not to get bored in early retirement? Well first, I should let you know that I’m not really fully retired. I have a job. In fact, I run my own investment business.Don’t believe me? Well, you should see all the forms that I receive from Vanguard, Fidelity, etc. … Read more

9 Lessons On How You Can Retire Early In Your 40s

Path To Early Retirement

Do you want to know how to retire early? Do you want to achieve financial freedom and independence in your 30s, 40s, or 50s? Would you like to escape from your cubicle cage in your 40s, like I did? Are you getting sick and tired of working in that same old, drab, uninspiring job day … Read more