Hello! I’d like to tell you a little bit about me.

So first, I’d like to say. That I’m gung ho!

Picture of early retirement lifestyle blogger and writer, Gary Alan, in black-and-white

But what exactly do I mean by that? To me, it means that I’m ardent about writing about all of the topics that I cover here on my blog. Extremely so. In other words, I just love writing about all of the fly fishing, hiking, and other outdoor activites that I routinely pursue and cover here. Moreover, I won’t write an article on this blog, ever, unless I have a passion for the words, message, or story that I tell. Indeed, I have to be inspired to write it. That is a fact.

And speaking about facts. I’d like to make this disclosure right up front here. So here it goes.

My articles, or stories, are sometimes a unique and spellbinding blend of fact and fiction. All based on true events.

You see, I’m a writer, at heart. And nothing will ever change that. A published adventure fiction author, in fact.

So I get bored to the point of near insanity when I read most of the other fly fishing, hiking, backpacking, and other outdoor gear review blogs, which you can so easily find plastered all over the internet, like modern-day political campaign posters. So, no, I can’t be like that. Boilerplate. No way. Never.

Because, I have to write in a way that’s original, creative, engaging, and inspiring. Sometimes, even in a manner that’s bordering on the edge of insanity. Or the strange. And certainly, lacking in conventionality.

That said, I write articles and stories that are designed to entertain, inspire, and educate. And to, hopefully, help people to lead better lives. Now. And in the future. So that’s what I’m all about here.

That’s my mission: To entertain, inspire, educate, and help people to lead better lives.

So then, what’s my blog all about? What exactly do I write about?

You know, when I first created this blog I thought that it’d primarily exist as a “premier early retirement adventure lifestyle guide”. But my words and articles evolved. And I soon found myself covering anything and everything, revolving around the great outdoors and the financially free adventurous lifestyle that I’ve embarked upon, following my early retirement from corporate America.

However, I will say that I often focus my work on covering special destinations in the great outdoors where you can fly fish, hike, backpack, or camp.

But that doesn’t mean that this website is just a straightforward guide to fantastic locations in the great outdoors where you can go to find peace of mind away from the pressures of the modern-day world. Nope, my posts offer much more than that.

Because, in them, you’ll often find the creative vision that struck me out of the blue, like lightening, while I was visiting an amazing outdoor destination. Or that just suddenly came to me in the aftermath of an inspiring adventure in my life.

So think of this as an “Inspired, or Gung Ho, Total Adventure Blog”, if you will.

Moreover, in the spirit of helping people, I’ve also covered topics on this blog, such as FIRE / early retirement, and the path that I took to retire early in my 40s. While, at other times, I’ve ventured into the realm of survival stories, and travel. Still, at other times, I’ve focused on educating folks about the necessary gear that you’ll need to enjoy certain outdoor activities, like fly fishing, hiking, and backpacking. All of which are adventures in their own right.

So no, this is NOT just an outdoor destination guide. Rather, it’s a Gung Ho Total Adventure Lifestyle Guide, infused with both fact and fiction, written by a guy, who’s unorthodox and crazy enough to tell it like it is.

A guy, who worked hard for years in corporate America, so that I could someday achieve the financial freedom to create a blog like this. A guy, who finds that, in this crazy world of censorship and cancellation, that the only way that he can really tell you the truth is through stories, symbolism, and allusion.

And, at the core of this blog, in each and every post, you’ll often find those truths buried in there.

Even, if it’s just a straightforward how-to article. I promise you, there’s still probably some important message, or lesson, buried in there. You just just have to read in between the lines to find it. No, I’m not shy about telling folks my version of the truth. It’s just that you might have to seriously think about some of the concepts that I’ve written about, here, to see and accept the truth, revealed in the themes of my posts.

Still, some of you might read my posts, then say, “Hey, Gary. I’ve read your story, or message, loud and clear. I got it. Understood it all. But I don’t agree with any of that, at all. SO YOU ARE WRONG! AND YOUR WHOLE BLOG IS TOTALLY DUMB!”

Well, of course, this blog isn’t going to be for everyone.

Because I’m the kind of guy who did it my way in life. Moreover, I’m also someone who thinks outside the norm. Doesn’t always conform. And certainly doesn’t always do what they’re supposed to do in life. Or more specifically, what they’re told to do. Cause doing “what they tell you to do” will just get you buried up to your eyeballs in student debt these days, preventing you from ever retiring early, too. Or, it might just get you financially and mentally destroyed in a unilateral decoupling, initiated by the fairer sex, of course.

So I hope all of this makes some cents to you? As this blog is also about your freedom and independence, too.

But first, you gotta free your mind from all the false narratives and lies. Partially by exploring some of the topics, lessons, and ideas presented on my blog. And by thinking for yourself, too. While you, of course, revel in the articles and stories on my blog, which can help you to get to where you want to be in your life, and in your mind, too.

Anyway, thank you for coming along this far with me. And I’d also like to personally invite you now to subscribe to my blog. So that I can send you notifications about my latest blog posts.

And, just by the way of a formal introduction, my name is Gary Alan. And I am, of course, the designer, creator, and author of this website. At this time, I’d like to extend to you the warmest of welcomes for joining me here now. Moreover, I’d like to invite you to explore my work further by following this link to my most recent blog posts.

Because from North to South, East to West, coast to coast, no, you won’t find articles, or stories, anywhere on the internet that are anything quite like the wild and far-out treasure trove of content that you’ll discover right here on my blog, which will always be:

Your Gung Ho Total Adventure Lifestyle Blog!

Covering all of life’s adventures with gusto!
Through the unspoken truths and a creative vision.

Thus, I’ll look forward to hearing from you in the comments section of the posts.

So thank you again for joining me on this wild ride into the adventure of a lifetime.

And I sincerely hope that my words will have a positive and powerful impact in your life.

So thanks again, for your attention and support!