Backpacking Grayson Highlands: 7 Tips For Your Trip

Grayson Highlands foal lying in bed of moss.

So you want to come to Southwest Virginia to backpack Grayson Highlands State Park? Why? To see the wild ponies the park is famous for. Of course. Or maybe you just want to day hike it. After all, it’s supposed to be one of the best hiking areas in the country. Then, there’s the gorgeous … Read more

9 Lessons On How You Can Retire Early In Your 40s

Path To Early Retirement

Do you want to know how to retire early? Do you want to achieve financial freedom and independence in your 30s, 40s, or 50s? Would you like to escape from your cubicle cage in your 40s, like I did? Are you getting sick and tired of working in that same old, drab, uninspiring job day … Read more

Fly Fish the South Holston River: Is it Worth a Visit?

17-inch wild brown trout landed on the South Holston River.

Are you thinking about traveling to the South Holston River in Northeast Tennessee to fly fish for a couple of days. Maybe even a week? Maybe you need a break from the oppressive summer heat in Florida, Georgia, or South Carolina. Or perhaps, you’re from up North in Pennsylvania, New York, or even New Hampshire … Read more

Fly Fishing Laurel Creek: Tennessee’s Least Fished Creek

Stream-bred rainbow trout

Ever heard of Northeast Tennessee’s Laurel Creek? Ever fly fished Laurel Creek? I bet you haven’t. That’s cause it’s one of Tennessee’s least fished creeks. And for good reason. First reason is, almost all of it is closely paralleled by a busy road, TN 91. So you’re GOING to HEAR and see some HEAVY TRUCKS … Read more

How to Get Started Fly Fishing: Living the Dream

First brook trout on fly rod

Want to get started fly fishing? You’re not alone. A few friends and acquaintances have asked me to take them fly fishing for trout over the years. Mind you, these are folks with no fly fishing experience. None. Nada. And probably no experience with the spin rod, either. I didn’t know what to say in … Read more

Doe River Fishing: Doe River Fishing Trail

So the biggest pleasant surprise that I’ve had fly fishing in Northeast Tennessee is the Doe River. And getting to know the newly established Doe River Fishing Trail (DRiFT). Now I’d read about the Doe River being one of the best freestone streams in all of Tennessee. And how there’s a surprising number of wild … Read more

Roan Mountain. Best day hike ever? Possibly.

Visiting Tennessee: When I first came to Johnson City, TN, prospecting for a new town to live in, I’d heard of Roan Mountain but I’d never hiked it. With all the buzz surrounding it, I thought it might be just another overhyped tourist attraction. So when I was in the neighborhood, I never visited the … Read more